Our Focus Areas



Good health habits are best reinforced at home. Family members and caretakers can reinforce healthy habits – especially by being models of healthy choices themselves. But reaching out to children’s family members is not always easy. Along with activities to do with children, we have included a number of possible resources for you to use to reach out to families. These include:

Family Information Letter

This letter could be reprinted in a newsletter or sent home with students at the start of your implementation of the Get Healthy Now program. It introduces the adults and caregivers at home to the basic concepts their child will be learning about in the afterschool program.

Tip Sheets

The Tip Sheets are designed to be put in a central, easily visible location in the home, such as on the refrigerator door for family reference and discussion. Any and all of these Tip Sheets can be shared with families in a newsletter format, or by simply sending the sheets home with children as they do the activities in after school.

Activity Tip Sheets

There are 12 tip sheets, collectively entitled Helpful Hints For Home, which provide information directly related to the activities in the program.

Activity Tip Sheet Appropriate Activities
TS-1: Goodbye Dirt And Germs HE-1
TS-2: Food Groups HE-2, HE-3, HE-5, HE-6
TS-3: Eat Your Colors HE-7, HE-8, HE-9
TS-4: Great Grains HE-11, MM-9
TS-5: Dueling Drinks HE-12, HE-13, HE-14
TS-6: Bone Builders HE-14, FF-8, FF-9, FF-10, FF-11
TS-7: Just My Size SC-2, SC-5, SC-6, SC-7
TS-8: Keep It Healthy SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-10
TS-9: Snack Attack SC-3, SC-4, SC-8, SC-10
TS-10: Too Much Screen Time MM-1, MM-2
TS-11: What’s In It? MM-5, MM-6, MM-7, MM-8, MM-9
TS-12: On The Move FF-1, FF-2, FF-3
TS-13: Kids In The Kitchen SC-4
TS-14: Quick Meals For Busy Families HE-2, SC-3
TS-15: Fast Food Choices SC-10
TS-16: Shopping For Better Health
TS-17: Healthy Eating On A Budget
TS-18: Impulse Buying