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FF-10: Catch Me

FF-10: Catch Me


15-20 minutes




Groups of children will play a creative game of jump rope.

Did You Know?

For children to reach their maximum bone mass early in life and maintain it as they age, eating calcium rich dairy products isn't enough. Children need to participate in weight-bearing exercises, such as jumping, to build strong bones and muscles and prevent injury.


  • One long jump rope for each group of three children


  1. Explain/remind children how healthy it can be to jump (see Key Talking Points below) and tell them that they are going to jump rope to build strong bones.
  2. Split children into groups of three with one long rope for each group so that two children will turn the rope as one child jumps inside.
  3. Explain to children that jumping is a good way to build strong bones (see Key Talking Points below).
  4. Have the jumper jump anywhere he or she wishes, forcing the turners to follow and keep the jumper inside the rope.
  5. If the jumper can continue to jump, the turners are doing a great job of keeping their eyes on the jumper, and making sure the rope goes around him or her.
  6. Encourage children to drink water before (to help them play) and after (recover from) the game.

Key Talking Points:

  1. Activities that work bones and muscles against gravity, such as walking, running, and jumping are weight-bearing activities. They help to maintain bone mass and muscle strength.
  2. The most important stage of bone growth is during childhood and puberty, so it is important to teach children habits that will maximize the amount of strong bone their body builds at this important time.
  3. Children with strong bones are less likely to suffer from broken or fractured bones when they fall.
  4. Being physically active during the day helps you to sleep better at night. Sleep restores energy to the body.
  5. Drinking a lot of water is especially important during cardiovascular activity to replace the water your body loses when you sweat. Being dehydrated during vigorous activity can make you feel tired and cause muscle cramps.


  1. Recognize the importance of jumping to stay healthy.
  2. Recognize the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated during vigorous activity.

Go Further:

Send home Family Outreach TS-6: Bone Builders. This tip sheet explains the importance of weight-bearing exercise and calcium rich foods for bone growth, and contains recipes for high calcium snack suggestions.

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