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PART 4: Afterschool Program Planning Questions

PART 4: Afterschool Program Planning Questions


  1. List each of the recommended actions identified in Part 3 in the table provided.
  2. Use the five-point scales defined below to rank each action on the following five dimensions: Importance, Cost, Time, Commitment, and Feasibility.
  3. Add the ranking points for each action to get total points.

    Commitment: How enthusiastic would your afterschool community be about implementing the action?

    5 = Very enthusiastic
    3 = Moderately enthusiastic
    1 = Not enthusiastic

    Feasibility: How difficult would it be to implement the action?

    5 = Not difficult
    3 = Moderately difficult
    1 = Very difficult

    Time: How much time and effort would it take to implement the action?

    5 = Little or no time and effort
    3 = Moderate
    1 = Much time and effort

    Cost: How expensive would it be to plan and implement the action?

    5 = Not Expensive
    3 = Moderately Expensive
    1 = Very Expensive

    Importance: How Important is the action to my afterschool program?

    5 = Very Important
    3 = Moderately Important
    1 = Not Important

    Recommended Actions Commitment Feasibility Time Cost Importance Total Points
  4. Use the total points calculated above to help you choose one, two, or at most three top-priority actions that you can take to improve your afterschool program.
  5. Keep this document. (This should be the job of the group leader).
  6. Next year, when you revisit and reevaluate your program using these tools, you will be able to see if you have made the improvements you are aiming to make.